Transport the goods from China to a third party warehouse in New York by sea + truck

One day in March, when we were doing our daily work, we received an inquiry from a customer, which read as follows:
No 19, Xitian East Street, Shiqi Town, Guangzhou

2727 Commerce Way
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Shipment Info:
# of Units: 5
Crate Size: 187*187*183CM
Weight: 550 KG approximately each

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According to the data provided by the customer, we offered the customer a quotation of 2300RMB/ CBM + tariff. At 23:00 that evening, we received an email reply from the customer asking us to arrange the export of the goods. After receiving the email reply, we immediately communicated with the customer about the payment and asked the customer to pay 70% of the freight to our account. The remaining 30% will be paid after the goods are sent to the warehouse abroad. The second day after and customer communication no problem, we will arrange vehicles to pick up the goods, factory after the goods into the storehouse, waiting for the container, after loading the ark by 30 days shipping to transport the goods from shenzhen to New York port, the goods to the port after, our American colleagues will goods for customs clearance, after cleaning the complete, tax returns to the customer to confirm, and then deliver the goods in overseas warehouse ark, After the dismantling, the goods were delivered to the foreign fleet for delivery, and the back-end delivery took two days.

The transportation mode of sea + truck is suitable for large volume, not suitable for sending goods, the overall aging of this channel is about 30-50 days. The receiving address of the West of the United States is mainly transshipped to Los Angeles, the receiving address of the East of the United States is mainly transshipped to New York, and the American and Chinese addresses are mainly transshipped to Chicago and Houston. Can be sent to a variety of third-party warehouses, such as Amazon warehouse, Wal-mart warehouse, etc.

If you would like to know more, please contact Jerry at the following contact information:

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