Crazy! The profit in the first three quarters exceeded that of the whole year last year, and Evergreen Marine’s year-end bonus challenged 60 times the monthly salary

According to the latest report of Taiwan media quoted by our company, after giving the annual bonus of 40 times the monthly salary last year, the profit of the first three quarters of this year has greatly exceeded the profit of the whole year of last year. Evergreen Marine's annual bonus this year may break the record of last year, challenging the 60 times the monthly salary!

Evergreen year-end bonus once disclosed, the industry directly called crazy!!

Taiwan media report pointed out: Evergreen Shipping is expected to become the "year-end king" of the Marine industry Lianzhuang! The amount of money will challenge the imagination of the industry!

Eva Shipping has made more than NT $300 billion (68.1 billion yuan) this year, ahead of the NT $239 billion (54.2 billion yuan) it earned in the whole of last year, raising concerns about how much bonus it will pay this year. The industry is already talking about the amazing number of 60 months. Evergreen Marine will beat its own record of 40 months set last year.

Evergreen Ocean Year end Award Challenge 60 times monthly salary

At the end of last year, Evergreen Marine once offered an impressive annual bonus of 40 times the monthly salary. Many Evergreen employees cried "Is it wrong?" on the first morning of New Year's Day when they saw the confirmed amount of the year-end bonus. Based on the base salary of 60,000 New Taiwan dollars (about 13,900 yuan), they immediately earned more than 2 million New Taiwan dollars (about 463,000 yuan). "Oh my God! I've never seen this much money in a single day" is not the best way to describe it.

Although the global freight rate has reversed this year, Evergreen Marine has made more than 100 billion yuan (NT $) per quarter for three consecutive quarters by taking advantage of the capacity of low-price shipbuilding. The third quarter report was released earlier this month, and the net profit after tax accumulated in the first three quarters reached 304.35 billion yuan. Even if the fourth quarter cannot make another 100 billion yuan due to the decline of freight rate, the whole year is sure to hit a new high.

The shipping industry believes that Evergreen last year 40 months, with this year's better than last year's profit performance, the year-end will not be worse than last year, "60 months is not impossible, the probability is very high", with Evergreen basic staff monthly salary of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, the end of the "package" is 3 million yuan directly into the bag, can be said to envy all industries.

The most fortunate thing is that around the time of the outbreak of COVID-19, new employees of Evergreen Shipping in 2019 and 2020 will receive 10 months of year-end in 2020, 40 months of year-end in 2021 and 10 months of mid-year dividend. If they get 60 months of year-end this year, they will get 120 months in three years. "Doing three years to 10 years" is not just a word, but a real thing.

Evergreen earned 100 billion yuan for three quarters in a row this year, and the cumulative profit for the first three quarters was 339.4 billion yuan. The EPS for the first three quarters reached 68.88 yuan with the release of the third quarter financial results. The market joyfully calculated that Evergreen employees may receive 60 months of year-end bonus at the end of this year, which is 20 months more than last year.

As for the cash dividend concerned by shareholders, it is also expected to pay more than 20 yuan per share, exceeding last year's allocation of 18 yuan per share. However, Evergreen said it was too early to calculate year-end bonuses and cash dividends, and there were still many variables.

It is generally expected that this year's annual bonus for employees will be around 40 months due to the rapid and urgent changes in the industry. However, the final decision still needs to be made at the top level.

As for Yangming Shipping, another shipping company in Taiwan Island, last year, under various names, about 32 months of the annual bonus, equivalent to Eva Shipping 50 months of the level of 60% discount, if Eva 60 months this year, it is estimated that Yangming Shipping has nearly 40 months of the total bonus.

Post time: Nov-18-2022